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Win a 4 week course and accommodation at IH Belfast!

Win a 4 week course and accommodation at IH Belfast!

A free trip to the home of Game of Thrones, Titanic and world class hospitality – you have to be in it to win it!  Enter  our exclusive competition for your chance to win a trip to Belfast including a 4 week English course, flights and accommodation…

How do I enter?

Using our brand new EcoApp, submit a 3 minute video telling us all about your actions within the theme of social responsibility. This can include your actions regarding the environment, green living, how you make an effort in your local community, etc.

What is the ECOApp?

Win a 4 week course and accommodation at IH Belfast!

With the EcoApp we want to build a better world!  It is a product of passion for sustainable development shared by IH Belfast, ESL, El Clavo Communications and a Colombian girl named Martha Liliana Marin.

Last year IH Belfast and ESL partnered up to create an app focused on sustainability and social responsibility and the EcoApp was born! It aims to create a community enthusiastic about green living, sustainable travel and living responsibly. Key to the App’s success is driving eco communication through upcycling old ideas and bringing them back to life.

We want to inspire you to get involved in this project and to be part of new discussions about environmental issues and community worries… and of course, we want you to win!


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