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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2011 International House Belfast established its objectives in terms of Corporate and Social Responsibility. The following charter of commitment to sustainable development shows the objectives that we want to achieve in light of a strategy of social and environmental responsibility. It is not only a social and environmental commitment but also a commitment to our staff, clients, partners and suppliers.

International House Belfast will:
  • Monitor and improve its environmental standards.
  • Increase awareness among staff, students, partners and suppliers of environmental issues and possible solutions.
  • Monitor our energy and water consumption in order to set realistic targets to manage their use.
  • Increase awareness among staff, students, partners and suppliers of alternative methods of transportation to encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce, sort and recycle its waste material.
  • Use FSC or PEFC certified paper for our brochures and reduce transport distances by using local suppliers and printers.
  • Monitor staff, clients’, partners’ and suppliers’ satisfaction with regular surveys to ensure we are meeting their expectations.
  • Include a range of people from different backgrounds and different points of view, without regard for gender, age, race, nationality, religion, disability or sexual orientation. IH Belfast will apply the same standard when choosing suppliers, partners and all those we do business with.
  • Invest in newer technologies to complement traditional paper based learning (Interactive whiteboards, laptops, projectors).
  • Take account of environmental responsibility as a factor in its business decision making.
  • Adopt effective procedures to minimise waste production and to promote recycling


International House Belfast will:
  • Recruit staff according to our equal opportunities policy.
  • Monitor and assess staff satisfaction in order to maintain a good working emvironment.
  • Give our staff the opportunity to develop their skills and to progress in their career, with training and personal feedback.
  • Assure a fair and equitable remuneration policy.
  • Fight against any form of discrimination to assure dignity and respect of staff and their personal lives and provide a safe place to work, with freedom from bullying, harassment or favouritism and respect for privacy and dignity.


International House Belfast will:
  • Monitor the well-being of our clients during their stay.
  • Offer the best educational programs and support our clients during their studies.
  • Guarantee the higest quality of our academic offer and cultural and social program.
  • Promote environmental education and sustainable development as part of the academic program.
  • Encourage exchanges and meetings with members of local communities and visits to local places to contribute to a better awareness of one another and the environment.


International House Belfast will:
  • Be aware of the different environmental and social realities of its partners’ territories.
  • Contribute to the sharing of best practices in regards to the control of our ecological footprint.
  • Promote diversity.
  • Expect our partners and suppliers to adhere to their legal and social responsibilities.

Local Communities and Society

International House Belfast will:
  • Partner up with associations and NGOs and charitable associations to promote integration, education and to support people in difficulty.
  • Take part in local or national initiatives promoting humanitarian values.
  • Try to give both time and money to the communities of interest in which it does business through charities and sponsorship donations and through encouraging and enabling colleagues to volunteer their time to causes it supports.
  • Monitor and assess its suppliers’ policy towards human rights and labour rights.
  • Promote exchanges with local communities to better learn their cultural and social backgrounds.

Distribution of this policy

To make sure its Corporate Social Responsibility charter is widely understood IH Belfast will:
  • Display this policy in our place of work and distribute the policy to all staff members. Those working for International House Belfast will get a copy, either electronically or on paper. They will let the school director know that they have read it and understood it and that they believe IH Belfast complies with it and will help IH Belfast to do so.
  • Make this policy readily available on our website.
  • Send this policy to our major suppliers.

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