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IH Belfast VR brochure.

Mastering Business English

At IH Belfast we pride ourselves on using great technology inside and outside of the classroom. With free online courses with Net Languages for all our students, Apple TV in classrooms or replacing paper with Tablet PCs on our CELTA teacher training courses, we aim to stay ahead of the game. This year at the Study Travel Alphe conference in London we swapped the traditional brochure for the VR headset. Don’t worry if you didn’t see us at the conference or you weren’t there, we’ve made our brochure available to everyone. Nothing is stopping you exploring our new Summer school site, the Share centre and the IH Belfast school itself.

So with or without a VR headset open the below video and enjoy the most immersive brochure you’ll see. Move your screen to look around and enjoy!

How to get the best VR experience.

To view this VR video you must use Chrome/Firefox or see it on the  Vimeo App for iPhone or Android.

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