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IH Belfast plays Cupid!

Mastering Business English

On Friday 4th November, we received some wonderful news here at IH Belfast!  Two of our past students, Lucía and Matteo, got in touch with the following message:

“Hello, we are Lucía and Matteo. We met at IH Belfast in winter 2013 and studied together in Ian and Steven’s classes. We are happy to share the great news of our wedding with you! Thanks to IH Belfast we are now husband and wife!”

Congratulations to Lucía and Matteo – we are delighted for you!  This the second marriage we know we played a helping hand in – hopefully there will be many more to come!

Here are some beautiful pics of the happy couple on their big day IH Belfast plays Cupid!


IH Belfast plays Cupid!
IH Belfast plays Cupid!
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