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General English Intensive

General English Intensive

Belfast English Lessons: General English Intensive

This is a more intensive General English course consisting of 25 lessons of group lessons per week for those students who want extra tuition hours. 

Again, rather than look at what you have done in the past we look at what you know now and what you can do. The extra hours of tuition will allow you to further work on areas for improvement identified by your teacher.


25 lessons per week


Monday – Friday; 09.00 – 13.00
with a 20 minute break at 11.00.
+ Tuesday and Thursday; 14.00 – 16.30
Total teaching hours 23.33 per week


Minimum 1 week




from A2 elementary to C2 proficiency

Maximum Students Per Class

12 (average 8)

Start Dates

Any Monday except holidays

The General Intensive English course operates on continuous enrolment which allows for students to join our classes on any Monday. All students are assessed prior to starting their course and are placed according to their language ability.

Who are Intensive English Courses Aimed at?

As the name suggests, the Intensive English course is best suited to students who would like to make progress quickly. For instance, many students choose to take an intensive course when they are aiming towards a specific goal, like a new job or educational course. Intensive courses are also popular with students who have limited time throughout the year to spend taking English lessons. Maximising the number of weekly teaching hours is an excellent way to fit learning English into your schedule, for instance if you have limited vacation days throughout the year.

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Which Intensive English Course is Right for You?

We use the Common European Framework as a basis for our levels combined with levels outlined by IH World. For example, A2 is divided into two levels, level 2/Elementary and level 3/ Pre Intermediate.
Once placed in a level, our aim is to further consolidate a learner’s level or to develop their language ability in order to advance to the next (e.g. a strong B1 student may move to B2 level depending on their individual progress and ability).
There is no set length of time a learner will remain at one level, but it is estimated that an average learner will take ten weeks to move from one to the next. We assess learners based on their individual strengths and weaknesses and recognise that each individual develops at his or her own pace.

How much does an Intensive English Course Cost?

The Intensive English course operates on a continuous enrolment basis which allows for students to join our classes on any Monday and study for as many weeks as they like, so there is a course length and a price to suit everyone. All students are assessed prior to starting their course and are placed according to their language ability.

Tuition, level test, all course materials, certificates, programme of social and cultural activities and access to all school facilities are all included in your course fees. Minimum booking 1 week. 

Entrance fees and any transport for optional social programme activities are extra, although many activities are free.

Note: The additional afternoon class component of this course is subject to minimum numbers of students in order for us to open it. If we do not have enough students we will offer you one hour private tuition in place of the 5 hour group class (equivalent value).

Course duration

Price / week

1-4 weeks


5-12 weeks


13-24 weeks


25 or more weeks


Registration fee (single)


Public Holidays 2024

School will reopen on January 2 2024 after the Christmas break.

March 18

May 27

March 29

July 12

April 1

August 26

May 6

Christmas: School closes at 13.00 on December 20 2024. Reopens January 6 2025.

Taking an Intensive English class in Belfast: Practical Information

International House’s intensive program requires students to be in Belfast for 24 hours per week, for a minimum of one week. Options for reaching Belfast include a number of air and sea routes, or using public transport from Dublin Airport. International House also offers a range of accommodation options in Belfast, as well as a busy calendar of social events for all our students.

Why choose Belfast for an Intensive English course?

Belfast is one of the cheapest and most welcoming cities in the UK an Ireland, making it the perfect place to improve your English. Additionally, Belfast offers a unique opportunity to build on your English language skills by interacting native speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. This is an excellent way to improve your English, as you’re likely to encounter a multitude of different accents and dialects.

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