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Cambridge Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation Courses B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency

Exam Preparation Courses
B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency

Cambridge Exam Preparation: B2 First (FCE)

A Cambridge English: B2 First (First Certificate in English) proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English. The B2 First  (FCE) is accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide.
We combine exam preparation with our General English classes in the morning to ensure you receive development in your language skills also (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation). We will give you advice on whether your current level is appropriate for the exam you wish to take. The afternoon exam preparation classes will focus on exam technique and awareness with use of past papers and exam specific course books.
Our exam classes are aimed at familiarising you with the exam you have registered for, developing strategies on how to approach specific tasks and developing study skills and how to best prepare for the exam in your own time.
Cambridge exams are available at International House Belfast. IELTS exams are available offsite. We strongly advise that you register for your exam 8 weeks in advance.


25 lessons per week


Monday – Friday; 09.00 – 13.00 with a 20 minute break at 11.00.
+ Tuesday and Thursday; 14.00 – 16.30
Total teaching hours 23.33 per week


Minimum 1 week





Maximum Students Per Class

General English class: 12 (average 8)
Exam prep class: 8

Start Date

As below

Paper Exam

20 April 2024
15 June 2024
14 December 2024

Speaking Test

Will take place the week before the paper exams

Public Holidays 2024

Christmas closure 2023: School closes at 13.00 on 16 December 2023. School reopens 2 January 2024.

School reopens January 2 2024 after the Christmas break.

March 18

May 27

March 29

July 12

April 1

August 26

Christmas closure 2024: School closes at 13.00 on 20 December 2024. School reopens on 06 January 2025.

12 week courses 2024

If you are new to the C2 level the 12 week course will give you time to develop your language skills, build your knowledge and really familiarise yourself with the structure and content of the exam.

Course Dates

Course Fee

29 Jan - 19 Apr
25 Mar - 14 Jun
03 Jun - 23 Aug
23 Sep - 14 Dec

+ £150 materials fee
+ £50 registration fee

8 week courses 2024

If you have been at C2 level for some time, the 8 week course will allow you to fill any gaps in your knowledge and give you time to familiarise yourself with the structure of the exam and practise the techniques required for success.

Course Dates

Course Fee

16 Oct – 08 Dec
26 Feb - 19 Apr
22 Apr - 14 Jun
01 Jul - 23 Aug
21 Oct - 14 Dec

+ £100 material fee
+ £50 registration fee

4 week courses 2024

If you are sure that your level is definitely C2 and you have a general idea of what the exam involves, the 4-week course will allow you to refresh your general English skills and review exam technique and structure.

Course Dates

Course Fee

13 Nov – 08 Dec
25 Mar - 19 Apr
20 May - 14 Jun
29 Jul - 23 Aug
18 Nov - 13 Dec

+ £50 material fee
+ £50 registration fee

Why study English in Belfast?

The best way to learn a language is to surround yourself with native speakers. That means to learn English, you should spend time in an English speaking country.

Of course, the obvious destinations might be London or New York.

However, it’s worth thinking about what makes a city great for international students. Belfast has the perfect combination of culture, affordability and a laid back lifestyle. After all, you want to have a great experience outside your English class.

Learning English is also much easier when you can get out and meet locals. These interactions will help to build your confidence, as well as improving your listening and speaking skills.

Learn English with International House Belfast

International House Belfast have decades of experience of teaching English. All of our English teachers are experienced, professional, and friendly.

We also have a team of non-teaching staff on hand to help you while you study English in Belfast. For example, we run a a range of social events to help you make friends and have unforgettable experiences.

Any time you move to a new city, it’s important to think about certain practical issues. One of the biggest is where you’ll live. International House provides a number of accommodation options for international students.

If you’re ready to improve your English and have fun along the way, book an English course in Belfast.

Ready to dive in?

Book a course today.

Ready to dive in?

Book a course today.