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Student reviews

Student reviews

Our B2 class recently worked on some reviews of their favourite places around Northern Ireland!  Here are their top tips…


Student reviewsNever before have you seen such an amazing part of a city as you will see in the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast. It’s not only the pubs, the life and the historical monuments that you have there that make this part so amazing, also the fact that this area was once the heart of the city.

From the moment you arrive in this area you are going to fall in love with it. Here you can find St. Anne’s Cathedral and awesome places like The Duke of York which creates an amazing connection between these places and the tourists that are visiting this zone.

I’d definitely recommend you visit this area to anyone, here you can feel part of Belfast and know its oldest customs.

So, without a doubt, the next time you are thinking about visiting a new place, come on down to the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast because it couldn’t get any better!


If you are making a trip to the north coast, this is a place you should visit!Student reviews

I have never seen anything like it before. Big stones in interesting shapes and all built by a giant? Even if you don’t believe in this legend, this place still has something magical, not knowing where the stones come from and how they got there.

The nature around is so beautiful and they is a nice trail up the cliff, where you have a nice view, so better wear comfortable clothes. It could also be a little bit windy but that’s definitely worth it!

But be warned: during good weather it can get very crowded, especially on weekends.



Student reviewsTitanic in Belfast is the world’s largest museum of Titanic.

It’s divided into different interactive galleries where you can experience its story.

From the moment you enter you are catapulted to the beginning of the 19th century, when Belfast was living its economic boom thanks to the linen and tobacco production.

In the same years, Harland and Wolf, Belfast’s most important ship manufacturer, was realizing the biggest and most luxurious ship that had ever been built: RMS Titanic.

In the museum you can be taken through every step of Titanic’s creation: from the conception to the actual realization of the project, from the launch to its sinking, passing through the discovery of its equipment and interiors.

At the end of your journey you can also watch the video of the wreck , recorded in 1985 by Dr. Ballard and his team.

Never before have I seen such an interactive museum with so many attractions.

The most effective one is surely the possibility to take a wee “tour” in the Titanic`s shipyard.

To complete your experience, don’t forget to walk the decks of the last remaining White Star Line vessel: the “SS Nomadic”.

Anchors away!


The area of Mourne Mountains is worth seeing because of the Student reviewsincredible nature and view over the ocean.

You could go for a little hiking tour up the hill. On your way to the top, rise above networks of roots, walking along tiny rivers, which seem to have searched their own way through the nature over the years and smell the forest fragrance. The whole way up is already an experience. But once you’re at the summit you can literally feel the beauty of the nature.

I’d definitely recommend the Mourne Mountains to everyone. It offers you impressive landscapes and breath-taking moments.

Did I mention it is only one hour away from Belfast? So now you know what you’re going to be doing next weekend!


Student reviewsCharacteristic is definitely the main adjective to describe this wonderful experience. Never before have you felt like a typical Irish man. From the moment you enter this pub and you grab your pint downstairs surrounded by local people, you will soak up the mood of this place.

On the first floor indeed, you can learn how to Irish jig or simply watch other people attempt this particular and demanding dance.

You shouldn`t miss this magnificent opportunity to sip your Guinness in this fantastic place.

Mighty craic guaranteed – Sláinte!

PORTRUSH by Giulia S.

If you are wondering if it is worthwhile travelling for almost two hours from Belfast

Student reviews
Dunluce Castle, near Portrush beach!

to visit Portrush, the answer is 100%.Such a big beach that you wouldn’t expect to find in Northern Ireland,
extends to the Giants Causeway, giving you a suggestive and panoramic walk.

The cherry on top is Dunluce Castle, that dominates over the cliff.

The price to visit the ruins is more or less five pounds, justified by the poetic nature
of the place, the breath-taking view on the sea and brochures written
in your native language.

I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone who has the possibility to go.

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