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Introducing The Paperless CELTA

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Every academic course usually takes up a large amount of paper… especially when you add it all up! That’s why we’ve introduced our paperless CELTA: to look after the environment while training up ESL teachers.

At International House Belfast we are aware of the importance of being sustainable. With this in mind we’re always implementing new strategies to look after the environment.

Times are changing and now technology is the best solution to reduce pollution with consumption and that is how the new project Paperless CELTA started. The widespread use of tablets to teach classes instead of paper has made this a possibility.

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How It All Started

The whole idea began when CELTA trainers realised how much paper was being wasted on each course and how trainees were leaving most of their class material behind due to the sheer amount produced.

The majority of the trainees plan to teach abroad and often decide not to take the teaching materials they collect during the CELTA with them.  So the tablets seemed to be the best way to be successful in this project, however, it was not as easy as it sounds.

“First of all we had to choose the perfect size in order to be able to produce a nice lesson and for the trainees to always feel comfortable with reading and checking information.”

“Secondly, we had to make sure the devices were compatible with the projectors in the school.”

“Finally, we had to spend a lot of time working on the files and uploading the information to our google drive” – Valentina Castellani, Head of teacher training.

Introducing The Paperless CELTA

How We Started To Implement A Paperless CELTA

After all this work the next step was the trial with the trainee teachers. The teacher trainers spent time with the trainees and taught them how to use the devices and how to find the material for each session.

Valentina also commented:

“Even though in the beginning progress was slow, we found that this is an easier way to train the teachers.

Through the google drive, they have access to the information wherever they are in the world and they can make changes and upload new content.

Trainees have access to all the information online for an extra week after the course ends to download what they need.

This gives them the tools they need to teach English in an engaging and dynamic way”

Introducing The Paperless CELTA

Was The Trial A Success?

The trial involved 6 trainee teachers and 3 tutors. All participants involved were impressed with the new project and were left with a really positive experience of using technology in the classroom.

Now every participant is much more aware of how useful technology is in learning and teaching a new language as well as how helpful it is in reducing the impact of our course on the environment and reducing our consumption.

For instance, the paperless CELTA project has reduced the amount of paper used by at least 50%; we then have to take into account these reductions in printing and use of ink.

These kind of reductions in consumption were exactly why we started the Paperless Project and we will continue to further develop this initiative in all future courses.

Take Part In A Paperless CELTA Today

The CELTA is best course on the market for individuals who want to teach English as a second language.

While there are many other TEFL courses out there, the CELTA excels in every single way.

We are the leading provider of the paperless CELTA here in Northern Ireland and would love to have you come and study with us if you are looking for a new exciting career.

Click here to find out more information about studying a paperless CELTA.

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