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The Gallery of Sustainable Attitudes, inexhaustible resources for the Responsible Entrepreneur

The Gallery of Sustainable Attitudes, inexhaustible resources for the Responsible Entrepreneur

This article is not an advertorial. It is not made to achieve any commercial objective. It is, above all, a message for young people who undertake and think about doing things differently, seeking that the realization of their dreams and ideas are sustainable, that these dreams are connecting with the environment and embedded in fair business models with the human beings who work in them and with the human beings who, from the community, interact with them.

This is the joint vision of El Clavo, IH Belfast and ESL International Studies. It is what we practice without pause in our cities of Santiago de Cali, Bogotá, Medellín, Panama City and Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is the sense that in the Republic of Panama gave life to the YouTube series Student Diaries and in Colombia to the Sustainable Development contest in Belfast. It is also the inspiration of Martha Liliana Marín to create the EcoApp, which today has come up as the first application for Sustainable International Education.

The Gallery of Sustainable Attitudes, inexhaustible resources for the Responsible Entrepreneur

Undertaking such a project in Colombia and in the current global context is not easy. But you have to jump and seize your opportunities! The situation we live in on our planet is a huge call for a profound change in our ways of relating to each other in the different organizations we have created, which are called family, neighbourhood, city, region and country. Without forgetting the element that gives vital movement to all of them, the company. But the company is seen as a generator of competitiveness and sense of cooperation in people to achieve prosperity. We need to create multi-billion dollar companies with the capacity to invest on a large scale to build societies of abundance in opportunities.

We want to dedicate to International House Belfast, El Clavo and all entrepreneurs aware of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, the ESL Award  “CSR Champion of the Year 2017” that ESL Colombia received on November 30 at the ESL International Workshop 2017 Awards Gala Night in Barcelona, Spain, as the region with the most sustainable office among 58 offices around the world, most of them located in countries at the forefront of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) such as Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Gallery of Sustainable Attitudes, inexhaustible resources for the Responsible Entrepreneur

In Latin America, the challenge is there. It is not easy, of course, but the rewards are, and need to be life-changing. We need to start by thinking, analysing our day to day lives and asking ourselves what we can change to be better people, better family members, better friends, better citizens, better professionals and better human beings. In this gallery of attitudes, there are small details which are at the same time very profound. Items as simple as saying ‘good morning’ and saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who does something for us. Seize the opportunity, develop self-esteem and identity, give people the opportunity to better lives both locally and globally, value our Colombian and Latin American culture, our natural resources, the animals that make our environment something alive and interesting, sustained and sustainable, vibrant and fascinating. Because as Jaime Garzón said in promulgating the principle of basic coexistence translated by the Arahuacos of our National Constitution, “No one can take anyone’s heart, or harm him in his person, even though he thinks and says differently”.

Javier Perdomo, manager for Latin America of ESL International Studies

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