General English

Belfast English Lessons: General Course

Our general courses are aimed at helping you improve your English. Rather than look at what you have done in the past, we look at what you know now, or more specifically, what you can do. We use a wide range of material – from various course books to authentic material – to make our English lessons as engaging and relevant to you as possible.

Important information

TUITION: 20 lessons per week
TIMETABLE: Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 13.00

With a 20-minute break at 11:00

Total teaching hours: 18.33

DURATION: Minimum 1 week
AGE: 16 years +
LEVELS: from A2 elementary to C2 proficiency
START DATES: Any Monday except holidays

How much does the General English course cost?

The General English course operates on continuous enrolment which allows for students to join our classes on any Monday. All students are assessed prior to starting their course and are placed according to their language ability.

We use the Common European Framework as a basis for our levels combined with levels outlined by IH World. For example, A2 is divided into two levels, level 2/Elementary and level 3/ Pre Intermediate.

Once placed, our aim is to develop your language ability in order to advance to the next level. (e.g a strong B1 student may move to B2 level depending on their individual progress and ability).

How long do English courses last?

There is no set length of time spent in one level, but we estimate that an average learner will take ten weeks to move from one to the next. We assess you based on your own individual strengths and weaknesses, and we recognise that everybody develops at their own pace.

Alternatively, you can check out our intensive English courses.

Registration, classes, level test, all course materials, certificates, programme of social and cultural activities, student card, access to all school facilities are all included in your course fees. Entrance fees and any transport for optional social programme activities are extra, although many activities are free.

Price per week  
1-4 weeks – £195  
5-12 weeks – £185  
13-24 weeks – £175  
25 or more weeks – £165  
Public Holidays 2021 Public Holidays 2022
March 17

April 2

April 5

May 3

May 31

July 12

August 30

The school will close on December 17 2021 and will reopen on January 4 2022.

Please note: Classes missed due to public holidays are non-recoupable.

March 17

April 15

April 18

May 2

May 31

July 12

August 30

The school will close on December 17 2021 and will reopen on January 4 2022.

Please note: Classes missed due to public holidays are non-recoupable.

Why study English in Belfast?

The best way to learn a language is to surround yourself with native speakers. That means to learn English, you should spend time in an English speaking country.

Of course, the obvious destinations might be London or New York.

However, it’s worth thinking about what makes a city great for international students. Belfast has the perfect combination of culture, affordability and a laid back lifestyle. After all, you want to have a great experience outside your English class.

Learning English is also much easier when you can get out and meet locals. These interactions will help to build your confidence, as well as improving your listening and speaking skills.

English lessons for work and study

Of course, many people have more specific language learning goals. We offer a number of other courses which are aimed at these students. For example, we have courses which are specifically aimed at helping you pass your IELTS. We also offer bespoke one-to-one English courses for learners with other goals.

If you are unsure which English course is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email.

Learn English with International House Belfast

International House Belfast have decades of experience of teaching English. All of our English teachers are experienced, professional, and friendly.

We also have a team of non-teaching staff on hand to help you while you study English in Belfast. For example, we run a a range of social event to help you make friends and have unforgettable experiences.

Any time you move to a new city, it’s important to think about certain practical issues. One of the biggest is where you’ll live. International House provides a number of accommodation options for international students.

If you’re ready to improve  your English and have fun along the way, book an English course in Belfast.