Executive Immersion

This is a 5-day English language training programme aimed at business people and executives which consists of an intensive study day from 09.00 to 17.30. All lessons are individual, one to one with your teacher. We carry out an in depth needs analysis and design your course to meet your specific requirements.

Important information

TUITION: 30 lessons of one-to-one tuition per week
TIMETABLE: 09.00 – 17.30 including:

  • Working lunch with teachers twice a week
  • Guided individual project work (students work in the computer room, supervised by a teacher)
  • Use of up-to-date, authentic materials
  • Optional visits to local companies (arranged on request)

Total teaching hours: 27.5 per week

DURATION: Minimum 1 week
AGE: 18 years +
LEVELS: From A2 elementary to C2 profiency
START DATES Any Monday except holidays

These features combine to produce a course which provides an intensive, personalised language learning experience, enabling the course participant to make real progress in those areas which are most important to the individual concerned, while spending only a short time away from work.

Each Executive Immersion course is designed using both a level test and a detailed needs analysis; every course is therefore tailor-made for each individual student.

Executive Immersion courses are available at all levels, and students can start any Monday throughout the year except public holidays. IH Belfast will offer Saturday classes as compensation for the classes missed due to a bank holiday.

We can also offer similarly tailor-made courses for two students studying together, providing they have similar levels and linguistic needs.

Registration, classes, working lunch each day with a teacher, company visit on request, level test, all course materials, certificates, programme of social and cultural activities, student card, access to all school facilities are all included in your course fees. Entrance fees and any transport for optional social programme activities are extra, although many activities are free.

Price per week (27.5h/tuition)
£1550 per week


  March 17

April 15

April 18

May 2

June 3

June 6

July 12

August 29

The school will close on December 16 2022 and will reopen on January 3 2023.

Please note: Classes missed due to public holidays are non-recoupable.