CELTA was a rollercoaster ride from Day 1. I mean from the icebreakers to the nerve-racking teaching practices on the very second day was truly the most learning oriented experience. I never thought that there existed a course which could personally and professionally develop an individual as much as CELTA. This course gave a whole new definition to student teacher relationship, I mean the tutors were simply amazing. The ease with which they gave the input sessions made it look like a piece of cake. Their constant support throughout the course is what made me achieve the most from the course. In the end it was all indeed worth all the hardworking and sleepless nights. I hope to come back soon to IH Belfast for my next stop - DELTA. Ashank C, October 2019
Even though I was far too preoccupied with assignments and teaching practice to relax after class each day. My life in IH Belfast was greatly enriched by applying what I learned from Jennifer and Patricia into practice by finishing the assignments and making preparations for my Teaching Practice. After completing the CELTA, I am much more confident in myself when I stand in front of my students. In terms of employment, CELTA means I have ample opportunity to teach the English language at home and abroad, which is obviously beneficial to my future career plan. If you are ready, then do not hesitate to come to Belfast to do your CELTA. Suffi, September 2019
I had a wonderful time doing my CELTA training in IH Belfast. All the staff in the centre were friendly and helpful the entire time. The best part was that my trainers and fellow trainees were incredibly supportive throughout the course, especially during the TPs. Everything I learned from them has enriched my teaching background and now benefiting my current position as an IELTS and TOEFL teacher in a language institute. My students have really enjoyed my teaching by getting involved, which has motivated me even more! I am very grateful for the 4-week course in IH Belfast. It was a fantastic experience indeed! Xian M, April 2019
I am an English teacher from Brazil. I had classroom experience before I took the Celta, however I hadn't been in class for a couple of years. It was the best decision I made for my career. Also taking this course at IH Belfast helped me immensely by getting exposed to students from all over the world. The course is very intense as we have lessons to plan and assignments. Everyone should take it. It's a life changing experience. At the moment I work at a bilingual school in São Paulo, Brazil where I teach Young Learners and Teenagers. Ila M, March 2019
Doing the CELTA was an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. It was an intense four weeks. I enjoyed the fact that by day 2 you are already teaching students and are constantly practicing what you learn. All the staff at IH are very supportive and friendly. I am so grateful to Valentina and Jennifer for helping me so much. Since finishing the course I have moved to Barcelona and found a teaching job immediately. They have kept in touch with me after the course informing me of any positions in IH schools in Spain. David S, March 2019
I really enjoyed doing the CELTA course at IH Belfast. The tutors were great and very helpful. The others in my group were also supportive and it was really nice to meet new people. It is a tough course to do, mainly because of the time frame of 4 weeks to complete it but as the weeks went on and I got into the flow, it became easier. Now that I have the CELTA certificate, it’s exciting to know I can travel anywhere in the world to teach, if I want to!
Aisling R, January 2019
I had a fantastic experience doing the CELTA at IH Belfast. The trainers are incredibly supportive and their passion for what they do really shows. I am now teaching English to middle school students in South Korea and my CELTA experience gave me so much confidence to pursue this opportunity. I use techniques I learnt during the CELTA every day in the classroom and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone considering teaching English. I am immensely grateful to the trainers at IH Belfast for providing me with a solid foundation to tackle every new challenge I face along the way. Rebecca R, October 2018
I completed the CELTA course at IH Belfast in Summer 2018 and would highly recommend the experience to anyone wishing to start their career in English language teaching. Whilst the course workload was intense, it was very well run, with excellent teachers/tutors who were always approachable and gave insightful feedback.
Since finishing the course I had no issue obtaining interviews and subsequent employment. After spending six months teaching general English and IELTS preparation, I am currently working as a Learning Support Assistant in a large International Secondary School in Dubai, with specific focus on students with EAL needs.
Caroline M, August 2018
I was a student at the International House in Belfast in 2011. I did a three-week intensive course to improve my English. I fell in love with the city and its people, so I moved to Belfast for 5 years. Now I'm an English teacher in Spain, and I have just finished the CELTA course in IH Belfast. International House has been so important to my English language development, I learned it, and now I teach it. This course has been a fulfilling experience in my life. Get ready to work hard! Lourdes de la Mata Sáez, August 2017
"I'm currently based in the suburbs of Bangkok teaching 3-year-olds (Kindergarten 1) at a bilingual school from Monday to Friday. I’m a bit lost for words to describe just how much fun and rewarding I find this job. It’s the first job in my life that I actually am excited to go to every day. Teaching English abroad is the best decision I have made in my life!" Gareth Maunder, June 2013
"Sheila and I have been teaching non-stop since we got home from Belfast in mid-July. We actually often have more work than we want. We have taught at 3 schools since returning but are now mostly based at the EC School on Miami Beach. Every week we say how much we’ve used our CELTA training. The training IH Belfast gave us was truly great and we are glad we made the trek over to spend the month with all of you there. Thanks to everyone there for preparing us so well for the real world of ESL teaching." Willie Cone & Sheila Quinlin, June 2013
"Since completing the CELTA at IH Belfast in September 2013, I have worked as a private home tutor for Russian families, taught at International House Moscow and have been able to find freelance tutoring work in London. The course was very practically based and allowed plenty of opportunity to receive constructive feedback and new ideas on how to improve my teaching style." Eva Jacques, September 2013
"I am excellent! Just spending the day working as a graduate assistant in the Eastern Michigan University International Student Resource Center! This morning I taught an ESL writing workshop and now I am just tutoring students in the ESL program here at EMU in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. As of now I am getting my Masters in TESOL! I should graduate next spring. I’ll be headed to China to teach a short summer camp in July and I hope to do my practicum for my degree in Slovakia or the Czech Republic beginning in January next year. Missing the UK!" Kathryn Schuster, October 2013
"I am now working as the Curriculum Manager in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Thank you Paddy and all the team at IH Belfast for your support last July, a great experience!" Katrina Kenny, July 2014
"I started teaching at EF International language school in Oxford at the start of January, and I’ve loved every minute so far. Doing the CELTA at IH Belfast really prepared me to start right into teaching at a large school, so thanks once again to the tutors, you were fantastic." Gemma Johnstone, November 2014
"I’m now in the south of Spain (Murcia). I’m being spoiled with weather today – 25 degrees with warm wind. I love it! Teaching has been a blast. Thank you so much, I couldn’t do it without you IH people (special thanks to wonderful Maeve and Valentina)" Ela Bilska, August 2014
"This is a really professional, well-run course and the amount of information imparted is amazing. All the IH staff were incredibly helpful and I found it great to know that I could ask anyone for help, from the wonderful office staff to the tutors and teachers – all very supportive. All in all, an inspirational four weeks. Thank you!" Eleanor Butterwick, February 2015
"Very well run, very organized, great teachers, great location, interesting, challenging, rewarding. There is not a single negative point about this course, its teachers or the location. It’s 100% a fantastic course to do. I really, really enjoyed it. Thank you!" Ella Connolly, February 2015
"What a well-run and highly-organised course! IH is the perfect place to do the CELTA – everyone made you feel right at home and were always on hand to help. And the tutors? Simply amazing – their door is always open and they are more than happy to sit down and spend time with you to give advice and encouragement and to share their creativity and expertise with the students. If you decide to do the CELTA course here you will not regret it for a second! Thanks so much for a wonderful time!" Colm Duffin, July 2015
"Thank you for such a great experience with the CELTA course at IH Belfast. It was the best place for me to go to do CELTA. The support that you, the staff, and the tutors offer is absolutely fantastic and it made everything a bit less stressful for a CELTA trainee. Thank you so much for the organization and helping me along in the process. It has made my first two months of teaching here in Shanghai a lot more comfortable than they otherwise would have been. I hope that things at IH Belfast continue to go well, it is a wonderful place." Mary Robinson, July 2015
"I can’t imagine attempting to teach ESL without the CELTA training. Thank you for how you truly gave of yourselves and helped us through the difficult periods. Maeve, your humour kept us laughing, yet you guided us with a steady hand. Valentina, your excitement about teaching shined through and inspired me." Deaun Zasadny, October 2015
"Thank you for such a wonderful experience – I’m so glad I did this course. I met some fantastic people and I’m ready to teach!" Agueda Sánchez, October 2015