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„This is an experience that we recommend to everyone, the best way to learn English and have a great time. This is going to be in our memories forever.“ – Victoria, Italy

International House - Study English in Belfast


„A great place to study. I have had an excellent experience and have learnt a lot of interesting things. I hope to come here again!“- Luca, Italy


„It was amazing – the city, the parks, the school, the accommodation… All amazing! Thank you very much for the hospitality!“ – Ana, Brazil



Giant's Causeway Belfast

„Northern Ireland is a beautiful place. It has a wonderful natural environment and an ancient heritage – from the North Coast, where the Giant’s Causeway shows you one of the most awesome landscapes in the world, to the south-east, where the Mourne Mountains lead to the sea.“ – Silvia, Spain


„The social programme helps you discover the beautiful things in Northern Ireland and it’s a great way to meet other students.“ – Izzy, Belgium


Life in Belfast is welcoming and exciting.


„Get here early and enjoy it before the rest of the world arrives.“ – Lonely Planet


„Belfast was always a great place to come from. Following a decade of energetic and sensitive regeneration, it’s a great place to go to… A determination to have a good time has transformed Belfast.“ – Condé Nast Traveller


„I work in media and broadcasting in Turkey. I booked an Intensive Plus course – English plus media and journalism. I studied at IH Belfast for 26 weeks and had an amazing experience. The course far exceeded my and my company’s expectations!“ – Tamer, Turkey


 IH Belfast work with highly qualified English teachers.„It was every bit as good as I expected. It lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The teachers I had in IH Belfast are the best I’ve ever had.“ – Marta, Italy


„I have really enjoyed the classes. I like the methodology. Lessons given by the teachers were excellent.“ – Esma, Turkey


„Teachers are very competent, reliable and helpful. Lessons were always useful and fun. I’ll come here again for sure.“ – Magomed, Russia


„I’m very happy with my classes and teachers. The teachers are very creative and professional.“ – Michael, Germany


„I had to give an important presentation at a conference in London. After my week in Belfast I gave a great presentation and felt much more confident using conversational language and chatting with
colleagues and clients.“ – Diana, Austria


„Excellent teaching with a lot of creative, vibrant exercises. There is a very friendly atmosphere in classes; every student has the opportunity to speak up. The excursion to the North Coast was fantastic – all students are involved in non-academic communication.“ – Alexander, Russia

Belfast is one of the best cities to learn English.

„Thank you for these two amazing weeks in Belfast! I really enjoyed going to this school.“ – Lise, France


„I found the apartment warm and cozy and a very friendly environment. It’s really close to the school and a short walk into town.“ – Felipe, Colombia


„This was a unique opportunity to see the everyday life of Irish people. They were lovely people who were quick and eager to help me with my language. And the food was great!“ – Manami, Japan


„My accommodation was perfect. The family was very kind and I felt just like I was at home. I highly recommend a homestay.“ – Susana, Spain


„My host mother Maria is lovely. She is so kind and friendly. We talked about many things every day. In her house I feel at home and never feel alone.“ – Fabio, Italy


„I was very comfortable in the residence! Thank you very much. I felt very welcome and my stay has been fantastic!“ – Sergei, Ukraine


„I liked the accommodation. It was within walking distance of the school. There was a fun atmosphere and I met many other students.“ – Yohanna, Holland