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English for volunteering

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English for volunteering

English for volunteering

Belfast English classes:
English and volunteering

Our English and volunteering course is specifically aimed at professionals or students who are soon to graduate and want to improve their career prospects. 

Students take a minimum of four weeks’ Intensive General English group classes to improve their language skills before putting those skills into action during their volunteering placement. 

The work placements last 6 weeks. They are arranged by our international services partners who have decades of experience.  Most sectors are catered for, including Business administration; Marketing and Advertising; Events Management and Business Development. 


20 lessons per week


Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 13.00
With a 20-minute break at 11:00
Total teaching hours: 18.33


Minimum 4 week General English course
+ 6 week volunteering placement




suitable for B1 level and above

Maximum Students Per Class


Start Dates

Any Monday except holidays

How do the classes work?

The General English course operates on continuous enrolment which allows for students to join our classes on any Monday. All students are assessed prior to starting their course and are placed according to their language ability.

We use the Common European Framework as a basis for our levels combined with levels outlined by IH World. For example, A2 is divided into two levels, level 2/Elementary and level 3/ Pre Intermediate.

Once placed, our aim is to develop your language ability in order to advance to the next level. (e.g a strong B1 student may move to B2 level depending on their individual progress and ability).

Course duration
(minimum 4 weeks)


1-4 weeks


5-12 weeks


13-24 weeks


25 or more weeks


Volunteer placement


Price per week




Registration fee (2024)


Public Holidays 2024

March 18

May 27

March 29

July 12

April 1

August 26

May 6

The school will close on December 20 2024 and will reopen on January 6 2025. Please note: Classes missed due to public holidays are non-recoupable.

What type of placements do we offer?

Working with our partnering agency, we are able to offer placements in most sectors including IT, general business, finance, tourism, manufacturing, media, law, engineering and environmental businesses.

  • Retail/sales
  • Business administration
  • Event management
  • Community and health
  • Economics and finance
  • Marketing/advertising/PR
  • IT
  • Social media
  • Graphic and web design
  • Engineering
  • Animal welfare/veterinary
  • Multi-media/Production
  • Youth services
  • Language & Culture/Education

Why study English in Belfast?

The best way to learn a language is to surround yourself with native speakers. That means to learn English, you should spend time in an English speaking country.

It’s worth thinking about what makes a city great for international students. Belfast has the perfect combination of culture, affordability and a laid back lifestyle. After all, you want to have a great experience outside your English class.

Learning English is also much easier when you can get out and meet locals. These interactions will help to build your confidence, as well as improving your listening and speaking skills.

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