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A catch up with Eco app developer Martha.

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IH Belfast & ESL app creator Martha discusses her stay in Belfast, her progress so far and her vision for Eco App. Martha also reveals that we can expect the app soon and that she has found examples of sustainable development across Northern Ireland.

A catch up with Eco app developer Martha.
Martha works on the Eco App with IH Belfast Director Paul McMullan.

What were your first impressions of Belfast?

When I arrived in Belfast, I felt very happy, and I knew it was the beginning of an amazing experience. On the day after landed I went out and walked around the busy and bright city centre. People seemed very happy and relaxed. I loved the architecture of the grand, old buildings. When I saw all the murals, I realised that this was a city full of art and interesting places, which made me want to discover more.

What have you done so far?

Up to now I have been working very hard designing icons and producing app-content with the IH Belfast team. I have met people who are interested in getting involved with Eco App.  We organised activities to create new content, for instance, we visited St. George’s Market and The Lawrence Street, Workshops.  Also, I have been researching platforms to find one with all the features we want.

A catch up with Eco app developer Martha.
IH Belfast brought their B2 and C1 class to The Lawrence Street, Workshops to learn about upcycling.

Where have you visited in your free time?

During my first weekend in Belfast, I went on the ‘Game of Thrones’ trip with some classmates and visited the north coast. We went to the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. I must say that the landscapes were amazing and I discovered the beautiful countryside full of green mountains with weird shapes. I noticed a lot of massive castles hidden amongst the trees and rocks. Also, it was very nice to see the Game of Thrones sets and the places they are still recording.

Have you seen any good examples of sustainability?

Yes, I have. In my trip around the North Cost of the island, I saw several Wind Turbines installed on the land. During my visit to St. George’s Market I found people who make organic products and crafts from recycled materials. I met Martin Carter founder The Lawrence Street, Workshops. For 30 years he has been recycling and creating new products from materials that some people would consider rubbish.


It hasn’t changed in a big way, and it has probably improved. All the ideas from the team have made the project better. I’m grateful for the support and ideas which are going to allow us to create a momentous project.

A catch up with Eco app developer Martha.
The App logo includes International House & ESL design elements.

What do you expect from the next few weeks?

First of all, more activities and more content creation for the launch at IH Belfast. I will encourage the whole school to take part in this project. I would also like positive feedback on the pre-launch version of Eco app from ESL. Finally, I will keep working to make the best app that I can make.

The big question, when will the app be released?

We are working very hard to make a pre-launch version this week for partners and stakeholders. After receiving feedback and make some changes, the app will be released. So, we are probably going to officially launch Eco app in a few weeks.

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